Maybe I’m An Addict After All

I consume information as relentlessly as others do injectable drugs. I will digest hot news, be they national or global, as much as random historical facts; I will chew on MOOC lectures and the concepts behind XKCD comics all alike; I will devour TED talks with as much excitement as Reddit’s daily top threads. I train on a daily basis on Chesscademy while learning German on Duolingo. I keep tabs on the latest programming trends for sites that I launch as sideprojects, I watch Casey Muratori’s awesome video tutorial on a daily basis, and I always keep track of what happens to my favourite companies: Tesla Motors, Google… Oh, and please let’s not talk about managing emails.


Information Overload

TDD on Laravel? Here’s a Tip to Make Jeffrey Way’s “Factory” Play Nice with UUIDs

Jeffrey Way’s Test Helpers Package.

Problem: the Factory class does not support UUID/GUID generation, and will mess with your tests by filling your foreign and primary keys with what it considers “strings”, stuff like “abcdef-1” or “ouibuh-3”.

public function getDataType($col)<br>
    return $col-&gt;getType()-&gt;getName();<br>

Here’s the modified version:

public function getDataType($col) {<br>
    $type = $col-&gt;getType()-&gt;getName();<br>
    if ($type === 'string' &amp;&amp; $col-&gt;getLength() === 36) {<br>
        return 'uuid';<br>
    return $type;<br>

Got Your Domain Sniped? Complaining To The Registrar Can Go A Long Way!

Domain Sniping Cat

Earlier this week, I ran into an extremely annoying and even potentially dangerous situation involving my domain name, Here’s an account of how I lost it, what I did as a response and the outcome of it all with some free advice on how to maximise your chances of getting a domain back.