How To Progressively Replace Parts Of A Complex Laravel Web Application With VueJS

Todo-style micro-apps are nice for demo purposes. However, these SPA tutorials won’t help you integrate VueJS into your existing, full-fledged, complex Web app.

Here is a cool and very simple trick I am currently using to slowly integrate the VueJS javascript framework into an existing Laravel Web application. Note that I am not interested (yet) in making the whole app into a Single Page Application (SPA). First, I want to try and extract value by moving a few features from the jQuery mindset to the VueJS, reactive mindset. Then I can make an educated decision on whether to go full VueJS.

A Quick Fix To Codeception’s PhpBrowser Throwing 404 Errors Upon Testing A Laravel App On A VirtualHost

Warning: To a non tech-savvy reader, this may probably be one of the most abstruse post titles ever. Sorry about that. Move along if you will, I promise I won’t hold it against you.

Having found a dirt-simple solution to an obscure problem I’ve been having for hours, I felt that I should publish the fix so that it may help others. It’s one of those things that take literally hundreds of lines of code to diagnose and just over 10 characters to solve for good.

Ready? Let’s get down to it! (TL;DR)

The Problem

So I have been working on Laravel for a few days now, and it is a real delight. Every one of its components is designed in a clean, beautiful way and whatever construed goal you’re doing to achieve, whatever methodology you’re using, the framework almost never goes against your will. As part of my journey into building a solid Web application, I wanted to use BDD and especially automated acceptance testing with the Codeception framework. For the few who were brave enough to actually read on without even using Codeception, kudos to you —also, you’re missing out; install it at once. Here’s a sample of code that you can write to test for the login feature of your application: